Monday, October 30, 2006

'Green Sense' Vegetarian Cafe in Singapore..

Todays interview featured Ms Barbara Chin from Malaysia.
Adress: 15 Jasmine Road, off upper Thompson Road
Tel: +65 6451-7553
Ms.BarbaraChin has been vegetarian for 8 years and she's the co-owner with Mr J.K and another 3 rd partner of The newly opened restaurant 'Green Sense' in Singapore this mid-August.
She welcomed me with open arms,and invited me for 3 of her most popular dishes and a glass of freshly water,before we started the interview. Mmmmmm...
Green sense is a vegetarian restaurant,focusing mostley on organic food as I understood.
One of the reason they started the restaurant. Was because of earlier experience with a friend who had liver cancer..
Ms.barbara and her husband where taking care of their friend and they help't changing his diet. It wasen't until sometime after,they understood and could see the different of their friend Health improvement.. And aslo Ms.Barbara has a background from earlier days with helping cancer diagnosed people. So since then, other cancer patients started asking Ms. Barbara how to create a suitable diet fort hem as well. And because more people started going to her for advice, she thought it was time to open up a vegetarian restaurant where they can service more people...
What's more interesting is that they also offer a cooking courses and 10-day detox program so people can get into healthier lifestyle. They cooking course is about preparing and eating the right food. She advices to eat a fruit first before starting a meal and a breakfast of juice and oats ...
Visiting Green Sense,Ms Barbara recommendations are Avocado Salad or Pumpkin Sald to start, a Tofu sidedish, Gado-gado using Almonds, Brown rice set, Baked Potato Layer Pie,Spinach Spaghetti and Potato Juice (for those with weak stomach). Desserts are made without gluten, butter, wheat, egg, cream, cheese so it's all so healthy. She recommends to try the Chocolate Banana and Orange Cakes and a Hot Dessert made of 7 color beans and banana. There's also the Eggless Muffin made of Buck Wheat Flour. For non-vegans, she recommends the TomatoSpaghetti. They also use a very special ingredient called Spirulina,which is a blue-algae plant that's suppose to boost your immune system.
She only uses the fruit and vegetable juices as food seasoning instead of using salt and sugar to flavor the food. She said that a big percentage of Singaporeans now are adapting the healthy lifestyle and eating healthier food so Green Sense is full almost everyday of the whole week, starting wednesday till weekend. After finishing the interview I bought my self some avocado dessert for the house.Mmmmm,jummy......
This is a restaurant not to miss if u live in singapore or are just visiting for Holiday.
The restaurant is very accomodating and relaxed feeling with background music of Yoga spirit..
Ms.Barbara , J.K and staff at Green sense is very friendly and welcoming... I will definetly come back there soon..
Remember,health and beauty living.. Starts within your self...
Ask me,I should know ;-)

Signing off.......